The real face of sequester


I took Tim’s photo today.  It is appended to this post.  He is the most experienced and senior investigator for the Nebraska Federal Public Defender’s office.

After 18 years of serving the impoverished clients of the FPD (and years of experience before that as a Lieutenant in a metropolitan police force), Tim’s last day is April 30, 2013. Out he goes.  Tim takes with him, and thus deprives the FPD’s clients of, the highest level of skill, wisdom, integrity and common decency that one can imagine.

This is the real face of the sequester, and it is a tragic one.


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  1. When I consider Congress and its treatment of the federal judiciary, I’m reminded of the theory that gained a little traction some years ago.Its the theory of de-evolution. This theory posits that the human race has reached it evolutionary apex and now we’re falling back. In other words, someday we’ll be apes again. I recall a federal judge telling me he once had a meeting with a powerful congressman who had a huge picture of himself in the hearing room they were meeting in. I’d like to write my congressman (2nd District Nebr.) but he moves his lips when he reads. Truly, these are the times that try mens’ (excuse me, and women’s) souls.

  2. Dear Anonymous,

    The Chinese are said to have a curse. It goes this way: “May you live in interesting times.” This is certainly an “interesting time.”

    All the best.


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