More on mythology and Standing Bear


Photo credit:  Part of a painting done by Zoey Wood-Salomon used as a banner by the Indigenous Law and Policy Center Blog.

For an interesting take on mythology and the Standing Bear and Elk cases, see Adrea Korthase’s May 11, 2013, post in “Turtle Talk,” the Indigenous Law and Policy Center Blog at the Michigan State University College of Law.  The author helpfully refers to Volume 4, part 4 of Seen & Heard (November 2,1904) published shortly after the beginning of the 20th century in Philadelphia by Louis N. Megargee.*   Entitled “The Suppression of the Indian,” the full essay can be found at pages 4753 through 4771.  Among other things, it provides fascinating insights about Tibbles.

Thanks to Turtle Talk and Adrea Korthase!


*The collection is edited by James Hoyt.  It is available as a free EBook.

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