Memo to Doug Berman: The answer is “yes.”

Worrying, with justification, that his head was about to explode, Doug Berman, at SL&P, asks:  Isn’t it stunningly idiotic for GOP Rep. Sensenbrenner to defend mandatory minimums because of “judge-shopping”?

The answer is “yes.”  I am not sure, however, why we should be stunned.


PS  I once had an audience with then Chairman Sensenbrenner in his Washington office.  It was disconcerting for a variety of reasons.  Prime among the reasons for my disquiet was the fact that the Congressman sat very near to a portrait of himself that was so large and so lifelike that I could not figure out whether I was speaking to the portrait or the real guy.  As it turned out, nothing I said to the portrait or the man made any difference.

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