A very ugly truck

I am excited.  Dare I say, aroused.

I just received the first submission for the ugly truck contest.  Submitted by a career law clerk for a magistrate judge, the following nomination language came with it:

My husband’s father gifted the truck to us last year. It formerly belonged to his Grandfather and is fondly referred to as “Big Red.” The F-150 has nice lines and an obvious dose of Americana. But don’t let those bits of beauty fool you, this truck has rust, missing paint (see hood line), and purple tint. I was in first grade when this truck rolled off the lines, so I assume that in the early nineties, purple tint was acceptable. The tint is now bubbling off the windows. Big Red does not have A/C, and though my husband denies it, I am positive that some rodent has eaten into the exhaust line. For this reason, any rides in Big Red must be windows-open adventures, and even with the windows open, one comes out reeking of exhaust.

 We use this truck to perform tasks our friends pay other people to complete: hauling mulch, taking trash to the dump, dropping metal at the scrap yard, and moving members of our families to various homes. Our dog Molly particularly loves the scrap yard, where the metal-weighing lady gives her treats. In sum, our ugly, smelly truck makes us feel like self-sufficient rural people, when in fact we live in the suburbs and shop at Trader Joe’s.

Because I am so taken with this heart-felt submission, I have decided to publish the photo, without intending to declare a winner, however.  Having done so, I will offer a grand prize (yet to be determined) to the ultimate winner.  But for now enjoy!

My God!  Its four wheel drive with great rims!

My God! Its four-wheel drive with great rims!


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