1982 Dodge Rampage–not only ugly, but a prime example of Detroit gone mad

Although I have not decided whether the nomination is eligible for the contest, because the career law clerk’s submission belongs to her mother and because the clerk did not submit an actual photo of the actual truck, I am pleased to post this ugly truck aficionado’s musings about a really ugly truck together with a few photos of what a 1982 Dodge Rampage looks like:

I grew up on a farm in Kansas. We had many ugly trucks over the years. My 87-year old mother, who still lives on the farm, has a 1982 Dodge Rampage (sort of a half-truck, half-car, akin to a Chevy El Camino), that she relies on for hauling stuff to the dump. I know my ugly trucks.

Incidentally, here’s how Car Lust describes the Rampage:

The list of cars on which the appellation “Rampage” (RAMPAGE!) would be more appropriate would be a list of virtually every car ever made. Light, insubstantial, generally shoddily made, and with little power or hauling capacity, the Rampage was as slow as it was strange. As cars go, the Rampage was more Quasimodo than Frankenstein monster; about as intimidating as a sock monkey.


Photo credit:  Car Lust and a dump in South Carolina.

rampage1 (1)


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