“Those damn Catholics”

Photo credit:  Wikimedia Commons

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

I am bothered by the pressured resignation of Gordon Gee, the President of Ohio State University over remarks he made in the context of college football.  Unlike so many dreadfully dull university types, Gee could easily do stand-up comedy.  The mocking of Notre Dame (and “those damn Catholics”), Louisville, and, most particularly, the SEC ought to have been received for what it was–funny.  Instead, we are treated to the oily and faux outrage that is characteristic of the modern age. Where is Mark Twain when we need him?


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  1. Humor is a matter of taste. I, for instance, like a good pun. Gee’s remarks weren’t funny to me.

    On the other hand, they also struck me as plainly intended to be funny, the kind of smart-aleck comment that folks make when they think they’re in private. Thus, I agree with you that his forced resignation was wrong.

    Yo ought to do a post about folks with too much time on their hands and who spend their energies looking for excuses to be offended and then stroking their own egos with harassment ensuing from that faux offense.

    Oh, wait–you did, next above, about a judge being harassed.

    Eric Hines

  2. Mr. Hines,

    I agree with you that humor is frequently in the ear of the hearer. I also agree with you that we should cut each other a little slack. All the best.


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