The winner of the ugly truck contest is


There were three submissions–the Ford, the Tacoma, and the Rampage–but each submission was made by a law clerk.  Now, for those of you who don’t know the rules, law clerks never get credit for anything.  They only get the blame when their judge gets reversed or something unpleasant happens.

Because they’re clerks and I’m a judge, I win.  It’s that simple.

Even though the law clerks lost, they will each receive a consolation prize.  Using my vast contacts, I am pretty sure that I can persuade the Governor to induct each of the clerks into the Nebraska Navy and make them admirals therein to boot.  The mother of the Rampage submitter will also receive this magnificent consolation prize.

Reproduced below is a facsimile of the certificate they will receive: photo


PS  To the clerks:   You should immediately send me (via the e-mail for this blog) the name you want on the certificate and your mailing address-the Rampage submitter should also send me the name of her mother (even though she lives in Kansas).  Be assured that for Code of Conduct and other purposes, the certificates will make no mention of the clerk’s judge or court. 

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