May the Fourth be with you

Image Credit: US Mint (Adams and Jefferson).

Image Credit: US Mint (Adams and Jefferson).

John Adams and Thomas Jefferson were colleagues, close friends, and then extremely bitter enemies.  In the twilight of their lives, they reconciled. Fifty years after the Founding, Jefferson and Adams died on the same day, July 4, 1826.  Adams’ last words were something like “Jefferson lives.”  While Adams was factually wrong in that Jefferson had died five hours earlier, that these great men bought the farm on the same day thinking of each other and the Republic they had founded is an especially good reason to celebrate the Fourth. If Adams and Jefferson could reconcile and go to their deaths thinking of each other, those of us in the modern age should be able to set our differences aside and see the value of the other.

OK, I admit it.  Hokey.  But even realists can dream.

All the best.


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