A bittersweet Fourth

I was going to write something that would hopefully be funny but in any event snarky about boys and firecrackers.  That brought to mind, Keller, our son.

Keller loved to blow shit up on the Fourth.  Ten years after he left for college we were still finding fireworks stashes all over the house.  He lives now in Australia with his sweet boy Fletcher, and his bright and gorgeous wife Stacey.

I wish Keller were here now to blow shit up.


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  1. On one memorable, (for me and three friends, but certainly not my parents) fourth of July, we blew off twenty M-80’s in the backyard. Neighbors thought the Russkies were coming (1958) Police came to investigate. Mother saved us from certain prison terms. I empathize with you and son
    Terry Roberts

  2. Terry,

    In ’58 it was not out of the question that the Ruskies were coming. Gulag’s are so unpleasant, so I am glad your mom stepped in.

    Old guys (like you and me) know what real 4th of Julys look like. After all, we walked uphill both ways to school and ate lard sandwichs for lunch–and we liked ’em.

    Thanks for writing. All the best.


  3. I was with my son, daughter-in-Law and 2 little grandkids last night and he was blowing shit up for them.. What joy! Dean

  4. My daughter worries that one day I’ll teach my grandson and granddaughter how to make their own explosives so they can blow shit up when they see fit–but especially on holidays celebrating freedom and the sacrifices made to achieve and then defend freedom.

    She’s right to worry. Grandson is verbal, and granddaughter is becoming so.

    You might think about sending Keller and Fletcher (and Stacey?) explosives (I’d be amazed if there weren’t legal ways to do this) and acquire some of your own. Then the lot of you could agree on a time at which simultaneously to set them off and thereby share a belated Independence Day (which in particular isn’t inappropriate to celebrate at any time, IMNSHO).

    Eric Hines

  5. Great idea! The Aussies, however, are very picky when it comes to sending anything into their country that might go boom. So, maybe a smuggling trip is in order!

    All the best.


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