The magic doll house

photo (1)Joan, my wife, never had children.  Being the oldest of seven kids, she figured that she had done her time as a  “mother.”  Thus, when Petra, our first grandchild was born, I never imagined that Joan would fall head over heels in love with grand kids, and especially Petra.

We have this old doll house.  It is approaching 40 years of age.  It was built for the girls by a friend in Lexington.  By now, it is rough around the edges.  Anyway, Petra has come to love the doll house, and Joan and Petra play with the doll house about every week.  For most of the year, Petra lives in China.  So, Joan and Petra are forced to use Skype for their adventures with the doll house.

After taking the ferry to Hong Kong, flying to Japan, then to Minneapolis and finally to  Lincoln (about 30 hours), Petra and her family will be here tonight.  Joan and Petra will most certainly, and almost immediately, begin playing with the doll house while seated closely next to each other.  Watching an old woman and a four-year old child animate the figures and move the furniture in and around the house will warm my otherwise cold heart.

There is magic in that doll  house.  Some things are more important than others.


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