Mobster machines and a federal trial judge who loves them

I love history and I love old cars.  I particularly enjoy reading history about mobsters and their snazzy machines.

Al Capone drove an armored 1928 Cadillac until he lost it to the feds after a tax trial. President Franklin D. Roosevelt used that confiscated machine shortly after Pearl Harbor and until 1942. Before that, the President’s vehicle was just a regular car.  After the beginning of the War, the Secret Service worried that German or Japanese assassins might try to kill the President.  So they took Al’s car out of federal storage. Then, they devoted it to the protection of the President.

The story is told here and the photo below of that wonderful vehicle is credited to Federal

1928.cadillacI have my own version of Al’s wonderful machine.  The 2005 Cadillac is pictured below.  I just bought the used beauty with about 10,000 miles on it. If I told you that I bought it from a mobster, you might not believe me.  So, let’s leave the origin to the mists of time.  (Truth be told, I stole it from an old lady with whom I am related by marriage–I have no shame.)

Anyway, displaying the photo will probably drive our judicial security guy absolutely crazy, but have no fear. Just like 1928 Cadillac, I am pretty sure my 2005 Cadillac is armored.  It certainly drives that way.

But even if it isn’t able to withstand a rocket-propelled grenade, no sane person could pass up a dark blue buggy that is roughly the size of the Titanic particularly when you realize that it is adorned with faux gold ornaments, gold striped tires, and a ridiculous but really cool tan cloth top featuring a string of wonderfully garish “golden” snaps. Capisce?


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