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  1. We did Mary.

    Petra called me this week with the breathless excitement that only a kid of four can exhibit. She said: “Grampa, I’m in ‘Chanada. Really! I’m not kiddin’. Really, I’m in ‘Chanada and I’m not kiddin’.” As she was handing the phone to Lisa, I heard, “Bye, Stinky Feet Grampa!” Then she was gone.

    A long time has past since Lisa looked after your children. I hope all is well with you and yours.

    All the best.


    PS to the general reader: Mary was the first law clerk I hired when I was a Magistrate Judge. Trained as a linguist and fluent in a number of languages, Mary’s second career was as a lawyer. Before that, she served Creighton University as the coordinator of the University’s ESL program for foreign medical students and others. She is brilliant person and a dear friend.


  2. Judge, schedule a trip to China. And Australia. “Some things are more important than others.”

  3. You are too kind. Thank you for all the compliments. I enjoyed the Petra anecdote! It must be tough to have your kids and grandkids scattered around the globe. I inflicted something similar on my parents, though to a lesser degree, and only recently do I understand that globetrotting can be hard on parents. Yet at the same time it is wonderful to have raised strong, independent, and curious “kids.” I am sure you are a rightfully proud dad and grandpa.

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