Despite what Jeralyn says, I’m not a leftist

Yesterday was a long day.   The morning was devoted to meetings with the other judges, and the afternoon was devoted to sending folks to prison.  Normally, the latter activity lightens my mood. There is nothing more–how I shall I say it, oh, yes–invigorating  than sending poor people to prison. But, when I got home and checked the internet my heart sank.

Jeralyn at Talk Left, the politics of crime had written a nice piece about this blog.  What a damnable slap in the face.

I suppose I deserved it–the horrifying leftist flattery and all.  Despite my better (baser?) instincts, a few hours earlier I had varied downward and sentenced a pregnant 20-something Mexican kid to time served in a case about fake documents or something heinous like that.  She came here when she was 14 and later had a child.  Now, she was pregnant with another. Under these circumstances, any card-carrying member of the “League of Fascist Gentlemen” would have hit her with an upward variance. Although there was no evidence of it, I bet she had big calves from carrying marijuana across the border.

Tonight, when I lay me down to sleep, I will put my autographed photo of Richard M. Nixon face down on the nightstand.  I deserve to be punished even though I am not a leftist, despite what Jeralyn says.


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  1. Perhaps a slightly modified line from my favorite Jimmy Buffet song (“Fins”) will cheer you up:

    “You gotta dance to left, dance to the right, because you’re the only [judge]in town.”

    Best, Pat.

  2. Ah, the quality of mercy. It’s why you should stick to those black robes–you’ve lost that hangin’ feeling; you have drifted left.

    And, Mr Borchers, that’s “ jump to the left, and then a step to the right.”

    Eric Hines

  3. Pat,

    Just a note to remind you that Jimmy Buffett will appear at Jiffy Lube Live, Bristow, VA
    Sat, Aug 17, 2013 08:00 PM.

    All the best.


  4. Judge, I suppose that there may be worse things to be accused of than a “leftist,” but it can’t be a very long list. 🙂 For the sake of fun, I quote the poem of an old friend. It’s called “History.” I’m not very poetic but it seems somehow apropos:

    I see we meet again,
    and I must stand to protest,
    for your melodies will end,
    no different than the rest!

    >Stand aside and let us pass,
    >“equality” is our only cure!
    >our ideals will thee surpass,
    >and the future we’ll secure!

    Ten thousand years ago I too,
    heard the siren song you now sing,
    but from your hopes soon grew,
    a hate that only fear could bring!

    >You have no right to judge,
    >you forget, we know you well!
    >You hold no lesson but a grudge,
    >which is why we now rebel!

    Fools! you forsake freedom,
    for a maniacal charade!
    repent now or soon succumb,
    to evil in “equality” betrayed!

    >We need not hear your lecture,
    >for we know liberty’s faults,
    >your certainties are mere conjecture,
    >‘tis “equality” we now exalt!

    You fools! in all my many pages,
    and in all my complex works,
    as I’ve lived throughout the ages,
    ‘tis no price for freedom’s worth.

    >Liberty be damned and lost!
    >‘tis but a small price to pay!
    >“equality” is never absent of cost,
    >nor will it be in “our new day”!

    Then go with all your longing!
    I will once again take a seat,
    and see ye mortals dying,
    as I pause – and then repeat.

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