Justice Ginsburg

In early July, I wrote a post gently entitled Justice Ginsburg is not too old to continue to serve and anyone who says differently is a mean son-of-bitch and a misogynist.  I am especially glad to see a far more literate and thoughtful gentleman concurs.  See Jason Farago, Ruth Bader Ginsburg: the supreme court’s leading lady shouldn’t leave yet; As Ginsburg celebrates 20 years on the court, some want her to step down; They underestimate her skills and strength, Guardian (UK, August 2, 2013).

The article is especially interesting because of the details regarding the Justice’s work habits. Even more fascinating is the description of the Justice as a gym rat personally trained by an Army parachutist.  Wonderful!


PS As always, thanks to How Appealing (Friday, August 2, 2013).

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  1. Justice Ginsburg is a cool character, there’s no doubt about that. People underestimate her at their own peril. I’ve seen her deservedly lace into someone and remove their gall as precisely and surely as a skilled surgeon. As an ideologue, I certainly take issue with the nobility of her positions (and Mr. Farago’s characterization of the need for them), but she has earned the respect due a learned jurist.

  2. Demo,

    I don’t agree with her often either. It is the treatment of her by some of her fellow travelers that I find repugnant. But, what do they say about Washington? If you want a friend, buy a dog!

    All the best.


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