Peace, finally

Remember my post about Ray, the wheelchair bank robber?  A lawyer wrote me in response.

I was touched by the note, and particularly the concluding line. I thought you might be interested as well. Here it is:

I just had to write. I don’t have much to say but the coincidence of your post and my job for today is uncanny. W. is my client. He was sentenced twice for bank robbery and now on supervised release. A petition for revocation of his supervised release landed him at a CCA facility and today my job is to get a motion before the judge and try to get him out. The USMS doesn’t want to pay for his medical care: a DNR order and hospice. End stage liver disease and long-term mental illness (bipolar disorder) have gotten him to this point, I hope to give him a chance at some dignity in death. Perhaps Ray and W. will have found peace, finally.

(Italics are my emphasis.)


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