The Sandhills

Yesterday, I had a post on Nebraska and “fly over country.”  The Nebraska Sand Hills came up in the ensuing discussion.

If, while sitting high up in a tall building in a place you and your friends regard as the center of the universe, say New York,  and you want to understand why the Sand Hills of Nebraska evoke a reverence from those who do not (and never wanted to) share your perch, take a look at this:

Photo credit:  Stephen G. Weaver, Prairie Sunset Sand Hills, Nebraska

Photo credit: Stephen G. Weaver, Prairie Sunset
in the Sand Hills of Nebraska

If you want to see more of Stephen G. Weaver’s  beautiful photos of the Nebraska Sand Hills, go here. After that, look out your slightly grimy window and bill two tenths for me–just call it research on your soul.


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  1. Being relatively new to Nebraska, and relatively ignorant about anything west of Lincoln for a while until I knew I would spend my life here, I was also ignorant of the Sand Hills. It was you who pointed them out to me on a drive out to North Platte as they were distantly in our view. Then on many visits to North Platte with WGC, I often took the long way home through the Sand Hills. Later we enjoyed them as a family and showed them off to my family from New York and New Hampshire. As a transplant (it’s now been 34 years here), I have grown to love those views. Thank you for pointing out Stephen Weaver’s photos and, more importantly, the Sand Hills back in the 80s.

  2. Shhhhh. For those of us who live in flyover country, we need to continue to keep it a secret from those who fly over. If they ever find out how nice it really is (at least most of the time), they might show up and spoil it for us all.

    Thank you for showing the photos.

  3. I shall “seal up” my “lips and give no words but mum.” Billy S in Henry VI, Part 2, Act 1, Scene 2:

    All the best.


  4. BJW,

    Neat article. While I quit playing golf when I was in college because I loved the game but was terrible and that drove me nuts, the golf course near Mullen could lure me back. Incidentally, I have it on pretty good authority that in the not so distant past the Eighth Circuit sat in North Platte–can you imagine why?

    All the best.


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