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Westminster Abbey is beyond belief.  Gabi asked that I visit there and in particular see the Poets’ Corner. I did as evidenced by the attached surreptitious photos I took upon pain of being hauled off to the Tower of London had I been found out.


*Notice the partial image of my thumb which was captured as I tried to nonchalantly take the following photo without being noticed. Keller found my law breaking amusing.

Poets' Corner

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  1. Is it actually illegal to take such pictures? What does the Code of Conduct for federal judges say about intentional violations of foreign law? Does the pointlessness of the law relative to the coolness of having the photos establish justification defense? Anyway, if you need a referral to a good lawyer in London, I may be able to help. The name Rumpole is coming to mind.

  2. Well, you know, the law has a purpose. The flashes from all those cameras will, eventually, erode the signage and the displays. To say nothing of distracting the tourists, causing them to stumble and fall.

    Incidentally, I attempted to comment a bit earlier, and couldn’t get in–repeated Page no Found errors. For a bit, I thought GCHQ were taking their revenge on you….

    Eric Hines

  3. That makes me feel better. That is, the flash explanation. As for falling tourists, since I was one, I guess what goes around comes around.

    All the best.


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