The Supreme Court of the United Kingdom

Middlesex Guildhall, the building housing the British Supreme Court

Middlesex Guildhall, the building housing the UK’s Supreme Court

I visited the United Kingdom’s Supreme Court building today, but court was in recess until October. The building is modest compared to the surroundings which include Parliament and Westminster Abbey. I found it fascinating, however, that a beautiful sculpture of Abraham Lincoln is placed in front of the building housing the court. Lincoln is my favorite of our Presidents, and I have beautiful bust of Honest Abe in my chambers. The bust was sculpted by Chris Cook, who is the son of Ed Cook, my former law partner. Chris was an exceptional lawyer and he has turned into a wonderful artist. Anyway, and as shown by the photo below, I was struck by the figure of Lincoln, the quintessential American lawyer, in service to the ends of British justice.


Abe and me in London

Abe and me in London

2 responses

  1. Two great Americam lawyers, and just one became a federal judge, the other poor fellow had to settle for just being President. 😄

  2. Thanks Mark. But, we should probably quit meeting like this.

    Back to your opinion for a moment. It is really a great piece of work. I am stunned by the numbers. I wonder why the Commission failed to discern the hard right skew to their numbers? I am particularly interested in your opinion because that skew may explain in whole or in part the disparity in sentencing between Lincoln and Omaha when it comes to drugs. Truly, thanks for enlightening me and others.

    All the best.


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