Let the Platte Eagle Scream!

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Last night, Nebraska held off Wyoming 37-34 in the opener.

Wave Scarlet and the Cream

Let the Platte Eagle Scream.

In Lincoln town tonight

Bells ring and bonfires light,

While all with loud acclaim

Write on the football scroll of fame.

“How Captain Bender Won the Game, In commemoration of the Notable Football Contest of November 14, 1903” from Addison Erwin Sheldon, Poems and Sketches of Nebraska, p. 105 (1908).


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  1. I had the pleasure of going to a game at Nebraska, a nail-biting Texas victory thanks to a later forced fumble and the ensuing go-ahead field goal from a walk-on kicker making his debut. Even when faced with the agony of defeat, Nebraska fans lived up to their impeccable reputations. Classy joint.

  2. Ryan,

    Nebraska’s experience with Texas was virtually always disappointing. It is too painful to recite in detail but undoubtedly you remember THE FIELD GOAL. Nebraskans still think time had expired!

    Anyway,I am glad your experience here was enjoyable. The fans truly do take pride in treating opposing fans and their teams with real respect.

    By the way, I have already received a telephone call from a distinguished local lawyer complaining about my post and the reference to the “Platte Eagle Scream.” The general thinking around these parts prior to the game was that we would beat Wyoming by 50. My caller thought I should have captioned the post “Let the Platte sparrow squeak!”

    All the best.


  3. Congratulations on the impressive 37-34 victory over Wyoming. I read that the attendance was 91,185 and I am sure all enjoyed the excitement. I am a Big Ten fan – growing up in Indiana, attending Indiana University for undergraduate and getting my law degree from Michigan Law School.

    I welcome Nebraska as a member of the Big Ten. Just ignore the slight confusion about the number of schools in the conference – which will soon be fourteen. I guess the Big Ten will not become the Big Fourteen. Elaine Mittleman

  4. Let the Platte Eagle Scream.

    There’s gotta be an Establishment Clause in here, somewhere. Tsk. Tsk.

    As to your lawyer caller, he shouldn’t have been betting the spread. A win is a win.

    Eric Hines

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