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Joan and I have season tickets to the Nebraska football games. We typically give those tickets to friends and family. We watch the games on TV rather than attending because I become psychotic when Big Red stumbles. It is easier to talk me down from the ledge when we are at home.  Yesterday, the Nebraska football team went up 18 at home against UCLA and then found a way to lose. I was so glad I didn’t go to the game, but, for once, I am not suicidal this morning.

Nebraska Volleyball Team (2013)

Nebraska Volleyball Team (2013)

Using our newly acquired season tickets to another sport, Joan and I attended a Nebraska volleyball match last evening at the stunning complex devoted to that popular sport for woman. The match was sold out and Nebraska, ranked 12th, defeated 17th ranked Iowa State in three sets. If you  haven’t seen a Division I volleyball match you are missing an incredible show of athleticism and power equal to any sport for men.

With Nebraska’s new digs (to the tune of $20 million) at the remodelled Devaney Center, the Huskers have doubled the opportunity for fans to see them. The new venue is amazing. Last year, Nebraska ranked second in Division I for attendance, and that was limited only by the size of the place where they played.

Now, with capacity doubled, and season tickets sold out, a strong argument can be made that watching a volleyball match at Nebraska is every bit as thrilling as watching a football game at Nebraska. So, if you are ever out this way, and someone offers you the opportunity to attend a Husker football game or a Husker volleyball game, but not both, think hard on your choice.


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