She worked as a prostitute, this white girl. She had connections to the Mexicans. She put her black pimp in contact with the Mexicans, and the two–the pimp and the prostitute–went into the meth business. It nicely supplemented the pimp’s crack operation. The pimp was sweet on the girl, but she didn’t reciprocate his affections. But she did live with him. She cleaned his house, cooked his meals and let the customers in. Upstairs, he filmed pornographic movies but she didn’t participate. He liked to have sex with one girl while another “tweaked” on the meth crystals he dropped off the bed while he thrashed around with the first girl. They caught the white girl on telephone intercepts, and that brought down the white girl, the black pimp and the Mexicans. I sentenced her during diversity week.


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  1. Are you satisfied that each defendant received a sentence commensurate with your evaluation of their respective culpability AND can you share how you sorted it out or do you feel the Guidelines adequately did that for you? Thanks

  2. Mark,

    Because I sentenced the white girl only, I don’t know the answer to your questions regarding the other players. I can say she got no role reduction.

    I provided the vignette to picture the “life.” Sorta like a black and white photo without a caption.

    All the best.


  3. Thank you Judge Kopf for debunking the mantra of many criminal defense lawyer that drug offenses are “victimless crimes.”

  4. I am an attorney. I think this is a very flippant and obnoxious post. It is explicit and borderline racist. It really is not funny. I don’t think you are half as clever as you think you are and I don’t think you should be posting ANYTHING at all about cases where you are the judge. Judges need to show decorum.

  5. Nancy,

    I disagree, but you know that. That said, I take your criticism seriously. I truly appreciate your taking the time to tell me about your views.

    All the best.


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