Let them eat cake

The Omaha World-Herald is Nebraska’s only state-wide newspaper. From an editorial perspective, the OWH slants reliably right. Thus, the editorial published in today’s newspaper was stunning.

Beginning with the words, “Let them eat cake,” the OWH criticizes federal lawmakers (specifically naming Rep. Lee Terry, R-Neb.,* Sen. Deb Fischer, R-Neb.,** Rep. Jeff Fortenberry, R-Neb.***) for refusing to give back their pay while failing to enact a budget.

As I recall Tim, the Nebraska FPD’s investigator, who lost his job after 18 years because of these folks and their cohorts, and the serious harm being suffered by the federal judiciary because of the sequester and the absence of a budget, I am delighted to see that the OWH has called these politicians out. Hypocrisy should have a cost.





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  1. I agree Judge. They stand in front of the flag in their photos and refuse to fund the government that flies it while drawing their own pay checks. That is hypocrisy. They obviously don’t care enough about the pain they are inflicting on others to share in it with them. I find it amazing that this “political game” they are playing makes unwilling pawns out of innocent others (collateral damage I guess). In essence aren’t they saying to Federal Employees and others “We are willing to sacrifice everything you own to defeat Obamacare, but not what we own? We declare that sacrificing to fulfill the GOP agenda is now the duty of all Federal Employees except us”. Wow! What unbelievable insensitivity! What arrogance! I’m ashamed to be a Republican. dean@nasserlaw.com

  2. Reliably slants right? Can a Liberal recognize “right,” or is this a case of anything past New York City is “out West?”

    From the editorial: members of Congress didn’t do their jobs and pass legislation to fund the government when the new fiscal year began Tuesday. This is plainly mendacious. “Members of Congress”–that would be the House–have passed several bills that would fund the government for a couple of months–plenty of time to work out more permanent solutions, if only there were negotiating partners with whom to work. The Senate voted them all down. Their negotiating counteroffer? “Do it our way.” The President is saying he’ll veto the smaller, clean (per Democrat demand) CRs now coming out of the House, calling even a bill that would have (redundantly) guaranteed the payment of our national debt ahead of all other expenditures unwise, unworkable, and unacceptably risky. His negotiating counteroffer? “No.”

    The Democrats proudly announce they refuse to discuss Obamacare, but it’s the Republicans who are at fault for insisting on discussing it? Oh, yeah–“It’s the law of the land. Move on.” So were the Democrats’ Jim Crow Laws. So is the present debt ceiling. Maybe the Republicans should obey the instructions of their betters, these Democrats.

    The OWH decrying the NE Congressional delegation for calling the idea of refusing their paychecks a gimmick or theatrics, or saying Feel-good gestures will not solve the problem might have some validity, were there present in the op-ed some opprobrium for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s (D, NV) refusal to pass the smaller CRs coming out of the House because they’re just a gimmicks or theatrics.

    Finally, as for those 800,000 furloughed Federal employees, surely it isn’t that bad for them. With their extensive experience and skill sets, they should have no trouble getting work in the private sector during this burgeoning Obama Recovery.

    But “this isn’t about politics.” Nosirree, Bob.

    Brief aside: it isn’t even clear from the op-ed that the…editor…even understands what Marie Antoinette was referring to when she said, “Let them eat cake.”

    Eric Hines

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