Why I love baseball

Way back before I was a Republican, and long before I became a judge, I played a lot of baseball.  I played third base. I had a very strong arm but a very weak bat. I was also pretty good if the benches erupted in a brawl. Provided that I could get in the first sucker punch, brief fist fights were my forte.

Anyway, no matter your politics, baseball teaches us life lessons like being a good loser. So with due recognition to NBC Sports and great thanks to a reader of this blog for the tip, consider the following letter from a baseball lover and Braves fan to his Republican member of the House.

Dated October 8, 2013, the letter reads as follows:


The letter concludes:


PS to Eric:  It’s funny–that’s all.

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  1. satire (and/or ridicule) is often the most effective means of communicating one’s message….this one struck the Bulls-Eye

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  3. I have a feeling that the congressman—if he can read—will stop after the first paragraph. Otherwise, it’s genius.

  4. On the assumption that “Eric” is me (after all, the Universe does rotate around me, does it not? My wife thinks so (but then, her judgment clearly is suspect; she married me…))–and even if the assumption is wrong: the conclusion is a solution I’ve long advocated, if not mentioned here. Elections do matter. It’s why I decry Republican and Conservative communication “skills.”

    So there.

    And it is funny. Good satire always is.

    Eric Hines

  5. Matt,

    Truly, a classic! Thanks.

    By the way, since I grew up in Toledo, I need to remind you that the Browns always sucked (at least after Jim Brown left). That forced me to cheer for the Lions which was painful enough. More recently, however, I have a good reason to cheer for the Lions ’cause I like to watch Suh, who played at Nebraska. I love watching Ndamukong stomp fat offensive lineman who lay unprotected on the ground simpering like little girls or cut block, from the blind side, unsuspecting smucks who waddle down field like gelded bulls. In a poll of fellow players conducted by the Sporting News, Suh was named “the dirtiest player” in the NFL. My kinda guy. Is this a great country, or what?

    All the best.


  6. My wife and I are driving down to see the Huskers play Purdue tomorrow. Should be an “easy” game, but who knows. These days, they don’t have any players of Suh’s “intensity” but their running back is decent.


  7. Matt,

    Should be a great day for it. Nebraska’s defense is weak, very weak. (Where is Suh when we need him?) The offense is pretty good, but we will be playing a backup quarterback.

    Anyway, enjoy the game. All the best.


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