Got new teeth Friday.  It’s great to be able to chew again.  What’s even better, now I can yell at the lawyers with gusto but without fear that the lowers will fly out as I do so. For the old ones and a legal realist’s reflection on senior status see What does it really mean to be a “senior status” federal district judge?


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  1. Hmm….

    Khruschev used to take a shoe off in the middle of a government proceeding and pound it on the desk to express his displeasure. I wonder what it would mean were a judge to take his choppers out in court and pound them on a brief to express his displeasure?

    Eric Hines

  2. Rich, I still share with pride your story about how one of my posts made you spit out your teeth. I’m even more pleased that it’s unlikely that anyone will repeat this feat. Best, Pat.

  3. Pat,

    The reason for the new chompers was that the old ones began to fly out with increasingly regularity even when I wasn’t laughing. But, it remains true that you caused me to laugh so hard that the old one flew out like a Scud missile–that never happened before or since.

    All the best.


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