Billfish and boys

programBoyo (R. Keller Kopf, PhD) is in Taiwan speaking about Billfish. He doesn’t get paid much in his gig as a post-doctoral research fellow at Charles Sturt University in Australia, but he does get to travel to neat places.

Among other things, he will give a talk in Taipei on “Latitudinal Life-History Gradients in a Highly Migratory Species.”  I am sure it’ll be great, but I am also positive that you can’t dance to it.

After that, Keller and his family will fly to Hong Kong and then enter the mainland to visit with Lisa and her family. Fletcher–Keller and Stacey’s yellow-haired boy–and Milan–Lisa and Karel’s “baby Buddha”–will have a great time together pestering Petra, Milan’s older sister, by pulling the heads off her Princess dolls. (I taught them how to do that!) They will race around expending never-ending energy. Just thinking about those two makes me tired.

Some things are more important than others.


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  1. This raises a fair question: What drives you? I’ve been to Albury; I’ve seen more of Australia than the vast majority of Aussies. It sounds like you want to go, and I’d kill (not literally, OC) for having a place to stay in China. Some things ARE more important than others, as my current situation is driving home on a daily basis.

    As Scalia observed, he’s basically working for free. That isn’t technically true, as his EIGA forms show that he travels the world in resplendent fashion on others’ dimes. But you actually are, and though I have no desire to look into your EIGA, it seems to me that you could travel pretty well on the $10K+/mo after tax we would pay you even if you stepped down.

    Getting the chance to see the world, to spend time with your grandkids … you can’t put a price on that. And don’t get me wrong. I am impressed as to how reflective you are; it is both refreshing and uncommon in a profession driven by what conservative pundit Max Boot has called “gavelitis.” What about this job keeps you from riding into the sunset?

  2. Ken,

    Taking the train from Sydney to Albury is revealing in that you see a lot of country that looks like Nebraska. Arriving at the beautiful old train station in Albury reminds you that you aren’t in Nebraska, but, perhaps, in the English countryside.

    Anyway, what drives me? Sometime I may write more about that. For now, let’s just say that “Angela’s Ashes” has been written. But, thanks for asking.

    All the best.


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