The beastie boys

Earlier this week, I wrote about Billfish and boys. I continue in that same vein in this post.

Like their punk rock forefathers, our two grandsons are shown below contemplating the fun they will have tormenting Petra, Fletcher’s cousin and Milan’s sister, when Fletcher blows into Shenzhen and joins up with Milan in the next several days. There is nothing more fun than twisting the heads off Princess dolls. If you do it just right, they seem to squeal.

Fletcher (from Australia)

Fletcher (from Australia)

Milan (from China)

Milan (from China)

Grampa warns: Hide your Princess dolls and take shelter P. The boys are back in town!

Petra seeking solace from the impending horror.

Petra contemplating the impending horror.


11 responses

  1. The pictures of the children are Precious! I call the precious “Sweet Peas” Enjoy your “Sweet Peas”!

  2. Please make sure the “marbles” are kid friendly and safe. I am a registered nurse and we always think about “safety” for Everyone especially Children!

  3. Does that mean they can’t be allowed to go swinging from tree branch to tree branch, in differing trees? They shouldn’t be playing Tarzan?

    Eric Hines

  4. I am voting for Petra. That sweet smile may be deceptive and I am sure she can evaluate the situation and protect herself from the invasion. As my granddaughters say – girls rule! Elaine Mittleman

  5. Earth is as fine a safety net as it gets. Nobody has ever missed it when falling out of trees, and nobody has ever fallen off the planet.

    Eric Hines

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