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Please read “It’s Not Dead Yet” at Simple Justice.  Among other things, Scott proves how wrong I was when I wrote “Not with a bang but a whimper” regarding Judge Scheindlin’s dispute with the Second Circuit. Now six retired federal district judges with 86 years of combined experience (together with a bunch of law professors) weigh in supporting Judge Scheindlin and urge the Second Circuit, en banc, to reconsider the Panel’s October 31, 2013, Order and the November 13, 2013, Opinion and vacate the Order to the extent it reassigns the Floyd and Ligon matters from Judge Scheindlin to another judge of the Southern District of New York.


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  1. Not only do we hear from the 13 + 6 (including Nancy Gertner, who has spoken in the comments of this blog), but yesterday both the Floyd and Ligon plaintiffs filed supplemental motions for reconsideration in light of the motions panel’s Nov. 13 opinion.

    Here’s the Floyd motion, doc 314.

    And if that wasn’t enough, Judge Scheindlin’s counsel, Prof. Neuborne, files another motion leave to appear as amicus to favor en banc reconsideration. Link to that in the next comment.

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