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  1. Drive safely. If Nebraska drivers are anything like Minnesota drivers, they have forgotten how to drive in winter weather. The plethora of automobile accidents during the first couple of snow storms is an annual tradition hereabouts. Maybe this suppression of memory regarding the previous winter’s travails is what allows us to live in this climate.

  2. The same goes for Michigan drivers (and anecdotally, I’m sure, for any other state represented by viewers of this blog). You’d think citizens of states that get real winters would adapt to the conditions the season brings.

  3. Bob,

    Made it safely.

    Knudson and you are correct–we live here and ought to remember how to drive in the conditions that confront us. Apparently that truism has escaped ambulance drivers in Nebraska. If I understand correctly, there was an 88 year old woman in the back of the ambulance who, thankfully, was not hurt.

    All the best.


  4. You guys actually are pretty well off. Las Cruces generally gets an inch, or so, of snow each winter. All at once. Their solution to that is to drive faster, so as to get back off the roads sooner.

    Here in Plano, we get a bit more snow than that, and we get lots of practice driving in and on it: the city’s snow removal technique is to wait for the sun and the spring.

    Eric Hines

  5. Very sorry to hear that Midwesterners have forgotten how to drive in winter weather. Every news report in Washington, D.C., when there is a snowstorm – over 1/4″ of snow – makes the point that D.C. drivers can’t drive in the snow like those who have real winters in the Midwest. I am from Indiana and went to law school in Ann Arbor, so I think I have retained some skills at driving in the snow. Safe travels to all. Elaine Mittleman

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