ABA awards Kopf the Order of the Lenin

I just received this e-mail from the ABA Journal. It reads this way:

Dear Blawgger,
Congratulations are in order.
Your blawg has earned a spot in the ABA Journal’s Blawg 100, our 7th annual list of the best in blogs about lawyers and the law.
The full list appears in the December issue of the magazine, which was posted online today.
As we have in the past, we’re inviting our readers to select their favorites from each of the 13 categories represented in our Blawg 100.
Voting begins today and ends at close of business Dec. 20. Winners will be announced in January.
We invite you to:
• Urge your readers to vote for your blog here.
• Add a Blawg 100 badge to your site. You can find them here.
• Announce your selection with a press release. You can find a sample release here.
• Follow a list of fellow Blawg 100 bloggers on Twitter. (If you can’t find your handle on the listcontact us.)
So thanks for your hard work this year. We appreciate the high quality of news and analysis your blog provides to our legal community.

Allen Pusey
Editor and Publisher

At first, I thought the correspondence was fake because the idea of running an actual contest to determine the popularity of legal blogs is positively moronic–a little like running a contest to pick the top 100 places to live in Nebraska.  But, I ultimately determined that the e-mail was real ’cause the e-mail said I could add “a Blawg 100 badge” to my site. No honorable person would lie about such a thing. And that brings me to the point of this post.

With loins tingling, I clicked on the “Blawg 100 badge” link to survey my prize. To my utter disappointment, the badge is beyond cheesy. See below:


I much prefer the Order of the Lenin. It has been awarded 431,418 times in the past. That, my comrades, is a seriously stunning badge. See below:


So rather than pimp the inauthentic blawgger badge from the ABA, I am, today, announcing, without the slightest trace of irony, that the ABA has bestowed upon me the Order of the Lenin. After all, it does a far better job of depicting what the ABA is all about and, more importantly, I richly deserve that badge. Incidentally, and from now on, you must refer to me as “Your Most Honorable Commissar.”


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  1. Congratulations, Judge Kopf, for being in the Blawg 100. Even if you don’t like the badge, consider it an honor to be nominated! Just think how the authors of the blogs which are ranked 101 and below must feel. I think you have established a blog of great esteem, Commissar. Elaine Mittleman

  2. Elaine,

    As usual, you are too kind. You are also correct to chide me gently for not being more gracious–but I fear old snark habits die hard. (That latter part sounds like a bad movie title.)

    All the best.


  3. Judge Kopf – Speaking of movies. There must be an interest in the heartland. The movie, Nebraska, has been getting raves and it stars an old white guy! There is also a small movie called Medora. It is about the basketball team in Medora, Indiana, which is in Jackson County. My hometown of Seymour, Indiana, is the metropolis of Jackson County. The trailer of the movie shows a really small town and gym. However, the gym in Seymour seats about 8,000 and hosts many regional games. As you can understand, people from Indiana know appreciate their basketball. Elaine Mittleman

  4. Elaine,

    Yes, I am told that Nebraska is wonderful. Incidentally, it is in black and white. Alexander Payne, the director, grew up in Omaha.

    He has done several movies in Nebraska, including About Schmidt, an all-time favorite of mine. Sometimes, I think I am a lot like Schmidt but without the hot tub and the incomparable Kathy Bates. By the way, my good friend, retired (and now deceased) United States District Judge Bill Cambridge actually plays a part in the film. (Hint: for those who knew Bill, watch the retirement party scene.)

    At the Omaha Press Club, Payne was recently the subject of a roast that was hilarious by all accounts. See here for a clip of the roast.

    All the best.


  5. Dear Bob,

    I appreciate the sentiment, please don’t leave your day job!

    All the best.


    PS Do you remember when we were in seventh grade and the following was popular: “You’re a poet but you don’t know it although your stinky feet show it?”

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  7. Take note, judge. In the law blogging world, you don’t get “street cred” for persuasive, thorough analysis, or for good writing, or for knowing what you’re talking about. You get it for saying stuff with which the cool kids agree.

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