Bozos and “blue slips”

When I was nominated by Bush 41, both Senators (Jim Exon and Bob Kerrey) were members of the Democratic party. My nomination would have died in the Senate unless those Senators each turned back a “blue slip” to the Chairman of the Judiciary Committee. The situation is now reversed in Nebraska and other places.

Today, the thoughtful and well-informed legal analyst, Jeffrey Toobin has published a piece regarding the increased significance of “blue slips” now that the Harry Reid and his loyalists have gone nuclear. See Jeffrey Toobin, BLUE-SLIP BATTLE: THE SENATE OBSTRUCTIONISTS’ SECRET WEAPON, The New Yorker (November 26, 2013). It is a “must read.”

Bozos and their supporters should take note.


3 responses

  1. Blue slips are just the tip of the iceberg relating to the mountains of hypocrisy in the process of selecting Judges. Who knew? Just another reason why telling kids in HS civics classes, assuming they still teach them, that the US Constitution ordains fairness through a system of checks and balances between the three branches of Government. No wonder no one reads the papers anymore. And fewer read Jeff in the New Yorker, though I do.

  2. I can remember when judges were typically nominated not because they hewed to a particular position, but because they were moderate and their views were largely unknown. This politicizing of the federal judiciary is very unfortunate, in my view. In my district, we have had at least one federal judgeship open for some 5 years or so now. is it any wonder that court rulings may take months and months?

  3. Tom,

    In Nebraska, we are lucky to have had a history of Senators from both parties looking for really good lawyers (with me as the exception) and without undue concern for politics. I hope that continues.

    All the best.


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