A cold affectation

I have smoked a pipe for 45 years. I am sure it started as a youthful but mildly addictive affectation. Now, it has become a cold one.

In the high plains, the winds are high. Sleet is falling. Streets are icy. The temperature is falling. I know this because I walked out of the hotel early this morning to smoke my pipe.


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  1. Clerked for a Judge who smoke a pipe. Before the days when you had to take a walk to smoke. He used it to connect with his brain and to give his hands something to do. Think of how much better you will smell to yourself and others. Think of how much less you will carry. Who knows? People might even get closer to you and stop whispering under their breaths how off-putting your tobacco habit is.

  2. I knit to connect my with my brain and give my hands something to do. It canbe done indoors and will eventually produce garments and accessories that can be used to keep you warm out of doors. You do have to put up with people finger pointing and whispering under their breaths though.

  3. Judge:

    Go buy some Febreeze and smoke your pipe in the hotel bathroom with the fan on and the door closed. Spray the Febreeze liberally after the pipe’s done.

    It’s a different time now, but some adaptations are ridiculous after 45 years. Probably, in another 45 years you won’t be able to buy bacon let alone tobacco.

    I personally love pipe-smell and know many others who do, too.

    Besides, when a person gets to a certain age, they *really* don’t give a “Hearty Hi-Yo Silver” what others think. At least, I don’t.

    Russ Carmichael

  4. I once sat on a train from Chicago to Missoula, MT, watching a fellow passenger eat–not smoke–a cigar. Pipe smoking isn’t so bad.

    Eric Hines

  5. What were once vices are now habits. If you are willing to go out in that weather for a smoke, you are addicted. Jes’ sayin….

    We used to smoke as kids because we thought it made us look cool (a distance runner, I actually got over that one real fast.) I would have thought that by 67–and given as self-aware as you are, based on your posts here, and a wife with cancer (I’ve also had it)–you would have gotten over that. Whereas I can see a “Drugs” Limbaugh–with an ego the size of a Second-World country–sticking that Pine Mountain log in his mouth so that he looks like a fat-cat, I just don’t picture you needing that, Judge.

  6. Poor edit: I should have said “a wife who had cancer.” In most cases, though, you are never really certain it is gone. Nasty disease, that.

  7. Since you like quotes, with all due respect, I offer one to you: “Tact is the intelligence of the heart.”

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