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  1. Charles Schultz once wrote in a Peanuts strip:I love humanity, it’s people I can’t stand. There is an odd twist to serving the needs of humanity, and different professions get their appointed slice. The jewelery store a little ways down the street from me serves the needs of the community, or rather a certain slice of that humanity. I see some of those folks in my line of work but not that many. Rather, and instead, I am confronted with poor folks off all kinds of desperate situations that believe I can give them something that will make all their troubles away. After almost 40 years of being there with them and addressing their needs as best as we are able, I know that the demands will never be satisfied and there will always be the poor and marginalized. If I were not careful I would enter into their plight, vicariously involved in the fate, and lose my soul and everything I am and have to their cause. Thankfully, I have respected colleagues that call me to accountability. In essence they are quite cruel when they call to me and say, Get back here and Get a Life. This I reciprocate to the prison guards that I work with as I call them back to humanity, the slice they belong to, not the slice they must be with day in and out. None of us is successful. We bring the ‘stuff’ home and give it to the people that have nothing to do with our job’s stressors, our loved ones. I seen many lose those loved ones because of this. Our police lose their families over this. And yes, our lawyers are victim too. I haven’t had a judge yet in our company, but I don’t see why it can’t happen to them. Our social workers can be found easily over the top, and those that routinely aide the mentally ill in our group homes. It would be idyllic if we all had jewelry stores and our clients were wealthy, secure, honest and happy when they came to us. But that idyllic dream is only an illusion.

  2. Daneeta,

    You just don’t understand that it is a federal crime to transport PBR in interstate commerce unless it is stamped with the USDA’s “swine swill” stamp. I love the “big easy” too much to even contemplate the idea. But, thanks for the invite to New Orleans while drinking on the job. All the best.


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