The good Matt and the bad Matt

I am still in Sioux land. I have been amazed at two brilliant law clerks here. Both are named Matt. But there is a problem.

The good Matt is hard working and serious. The bad Matt is, well, bad, He loves PBR beer. He just cannot get enough of it. This morning we snuck into his office to see what fuels the bad Matt’s habit of playing cruel jokes on visiting judges who suffer from blood clots.  We were all horrified at what we found.

The good Matt points to the bad Matt's stash in the bad Matt's office at the federal courthouse

The good Matt points to the bad Matt’s stash in the bad Matt’s office at the federal courthouse


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  1. Holy cow! The judge I clerked for would have fired me in less than a heartbeat if I had brought beer (or PBRs) into chambers.

  2. Who uses PBR and beer in the same sentence? Only judges distracted by blood clots in their legs from not enough jig-dancing in court.

    On the other hand, don’t be too hard on Bad Matt–it’s hard to find beer in the US; it has to be imported– Bitburger.

    Eric Hines

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