Some things are more important than others

While I was in Sioux City, Lisa, Petra and Milan arrived in Lincoln from China for a short visit. Dad, Karel, will meet up with them in Canada in a few days and the family will celebrate X-Mas in the north country.  Yesterday, I tagged along while the children visited Morrill Hall on the campus of the University of Nebraska.

Morrill Hall is a wonder. Among many other treasurers, the world’s largest exhibited mammoth skeleton, a 14-foot male, can be found on display in Morrill Hall. It is from the Late Pleistocene Era. The giant mammoth was found in 1922, near where I used to practice law, in Lincoln County, Nebraska, by a rancher and his wife. They turned the fossil over to the Museum for exhibit and research.

We had a great time. Photos of our adventure follow.

Out front:


Scary good (particularly when your four-year old teeth look a lot like the dinosaur’s teeth):


There are real mountain lions in Nebraska (and some times they eat children from China):



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  1. Want some critical comments on your photography? Constructive, even if somewhat negative. Read Maureen Dowd today in the times. I don’t practice law anymore. Took up photography for my last act. Have a passion for shooting and seeing better work from anyone who takes the time to shoot and post.

  2. Judge Kopf – I love the photos of your precious grandchildren. I am so, so glad that you could enjoy the Nebraska exploration with them. It looks like they had Nebraska under control and learned a lot. Elaine Mittleman

  3. Glad you enjoyed some precious time with your “sweet peas” in Nebraska!!! Thanks for sharing the pictures, Wonderful!!

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