Are President Obama and Raul Castro really gay?

A reader wrote: “I enjoyed your post on the Oxford comma. Out of respect for traditional grammar rules and to avoid ambiguity, I’m a fan of it. Here’s an example of why.” Be sure to view the screen shot and then the accompanying Twitter feed from Sky News.


PS Thanks to the reader, Richard Rothblatt, for the great tip. Also, kudos to Mark Liberman, a professor of linguistics at the University of Pennsylvania and director of the Linguistics Data Consortium.

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  1. Rich, I fear that I have been misunderstood on one of the most pressing issues of our time. It is not my position that the so-called Oxford comma is never needed. It is simply my position that it is not always needed. If one can pardon the slightly crude analogy, it is well known that certain products are sold in drugstores to men who wish to avoid the risk of sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy during intimate encounters. So one can certainly make a case for using such a product at the critical time when it will serve its intended purpose. However, it seems to me that most men would balk at the notion that the afore-mentioned product should be worn at all times, just to be on the really safe side. “nuff said. Best, Pat.

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