Picture in your mind

Picture in your mind a dad, a boy and a dog on a frozen lake. They are ice fishing. The white dog’s head is completely submerged in the fishing hole. The dog is chasing a bluegill that the fisher kings threw back. That’s the copyrighted photo in the paper today. Wonderful!

Off to Omaha to bring holiday cheer and impose prison sentences in criminal cases. Is that an omen for 2014?


2 responses

  1. Depends on whether or not they did what the government said they did. As for the omen, may there be fewer crimes and less reasons to create them. And, one other thing: may there be shorter sentences and more programs to educate, rehabilitate and socialize those whom we expect to become contributing members of society.

  2. Lorin,

    Whenever I sentence anyone to prison, I feel like the dog sticking his head through the ice. I get a painful brain freeze.

    All the best.


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