Don’t tell Grampa, it’s a secret

Every summer when our grandchildren, Petra and Milan, return from China to visit us we try to have an early birthday party. Their birthdays are in late summer and early fall.

This year Joan sent the kids a video of various cakes they might like, and asked them to pick the cake they liked the best. We just received the return video with their selections. See attached. Some things are more important than others.

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  1. Speaking of important things, Judge, what about the upcoming likely contest between the No. 1 undefeated University of Connecticut Huskies (my team) and the No. 4 University of Nebraska Cornhuskers at the NCAA Women’s Basketball Lincoln Regional on March 29? These, of course, are WOMEN’S teams, who therefore play basketball “the right way”. Care to make a small wager on the outcome if the two teams make it the regional semi-finals?
    Keep in mind that the Cornhuskers will be playing at HOME.

  2. Thank you Nancy. It’s an odd thing. Grandchildren love their Grandfathers even if the old men have stinky feet.

    All the best.


  3. Jon, I have no idea, but the idea that we can see the children over the phone when they are so far away continues to amaze and delight. It really makes a difference.

    All the best.


  4. Ok, you’ve got the points but I think playing the cancer card really isn’t very sporting of you, Judge. Take good care. Jonathan

  5. Judge Kopf – Your grandchildren are absolutely precious and very smart, of course. Does Petra want to keep a secret about the cake because she is concerned that you would not be very good at cake decorating? I know the cakes will be delicious and child-friendly. Elaine

  6. Cornhuskers lost to BYU, unfortunately. UConn got through to the Lincoln Regional this coming weekend, though.They are phenomenal. I hope your Nebraska friends get to watch them in person. Jonathanh

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