Great news: Emily ditched Bernie

Emily does her school work while nasty old Bernie looks on--he's gone now

Photo from last year: Emily does her school work while nasty old Bernie looks (and beeps)  on.

Last year, I posted about an extraordinary young girl who is related to my correspondent, Elaine Mittleman. Elaine is an experienced and highly regarded lawyer who does a lot of federal criminal work. Emily is in seventh grade. Overcoming nearly overwhelming obstacles, she is on the honor roll. This courageous kid* maintains her schooling despite being hospitalized seemingly forever while her little heart fails her. Until now, she has been kept alive by “Bernie” while awaiting a heart transplant.

On Friday, Emily received her new heart and kicked Bernie to the curb. Some things are truly more important than others, and this wonderful news is among the most important.


*Attached find her journal around the time of the transplant. Scroll down to the beginning to see her thoughts prior to the transplant. What a tough and funny young lady! Duck Dynasty before transplant? Emily’s journal 3.16.14 – 3.22.14

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  1. Judge,
    Thanks for sharing this terrific news about young Emily . She will be on my mind and in my prayers . I read her journal and whether her parents know it or not they have a lawyer on the way!
    On a related topic , your grand kids are too adorable and I have the unpleasant task of telling you what I think you already know, to wit, Joan ‘s suck extends way beyond plumbers!

    Be well and keep getting better .
    Your friend ,

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  2. You are Correct Judge, “some things are truly more important than other things”! My thoughts & prayers are with Emily & her Loved Ones! Helps to have a Nurse Advocate as well as an Attorney Advocate by her side! I tried to read some of Emily’s journal entries & I will have to finish reading later. I could not control my “compassion”, the “tears” from my eyes streaming down my face!!!

  3. Good for Emily. She’s a tough one.

    I have to wonder, separately, whether the nurse has had some experience, and “five” was the target number of breathing exercises all along. Heh.

    Eric Hines

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