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  2. You win the bet Judge. It’s a beautiful morning in NYC and I’m in my office preparing opposing papers to an OSC which is returnable on Tuesday. I can bill but that doesn’t mean I’ll collect. Still, I am fighting the good fight and will hope that the Court Clerk doesn’t find some minor defect in the papers which will prevent them from being placed in front of the Judge who will then place them at the bottom of a pile of cases on his “to do list”. Ah, but next weekend I promise to gather my rosebuds………..
    Thanks for the post and even more for the smile,

  3. Judge:
    For yours truly, at times like these there is nothing quite like working for the government!

  4. A cappella has always been a voice of spring with me.

    Pretty harsh, even with a light heart, in its landing here.

    Bills to pay.

    So terribly easy theses days for everyone, guilds included, to talk past each other even while knowing everyone must lift the freight.

    Fall beckons. Even more reason for joy this Sunday spring day.

    Every seed needs a little love, warm perspective, and rain to make payday.

    Whole Lot-Of-Work don’t hurt in-between, before, and after.

    Not to cloud up your post with a bit of fall (nor Iowa bomb Greg Brown on you twice) but, please continue to always make it your world Judge. On the bench, the front porch, BBQ in the back with only friends and family, or conversing in the check out line.

    Keep going there, harvest is sure to follow.

  5. John,

    Oh, my God, that beautiful song brings back painful memories.

    In the early 1980s, during the farm crisis, I represented the Farm Credit Banks of Omaha–one of the largest farmer/rancher owned financial institutions in the world. My job was to take farms and ranches away from farmers and ranchers. I was good at it. Indeed, I figured out a way to do it quickly by using an arcane judicial procedure, and I lectured to other Farm Credit lawyers on my trick.

    Although I was from a place one might describe as “our little town,” I spent a lot of time in much smaller county seat towns from the South Dakota border to the Kansas border. When I walked into the small cafes that are the mainstay of those tiny burgs, the place would turn silent. I have suffered from depression most of my life, but that was a time when I actually had a reason to be depressed. Very bad things were happening to very good people and for the life of me I couldn’t figure out why I was at the tip of the spear.

    My client, the Farm Credit Banks, was owned by farmers and ranchers and it was operated by good and decent people who were committed to providing financing at low cost to the heartland, but the bank had to save itself. And the impact on “our little town” was the equivalent of dropping a tactical nuke–the houses remained standing, but the people were gone. Anyway, that’s how I remember it.

    Thank you for the memory, as painful as it is. All the best.


  6. Times are myth, every time does do very real legislation.

    Excuse the reminiscence, you still have a job to do today.

    “They” fly over it everyday and toast it every morning. Lets not talk about sugar beats or corn and pretend for a little while longer.

    Dollar sculpture and legislation are not your responsibility.

    Keep on going “here” judge. And do your best to make certain artificial goal posts check out.

    What else can you do?


    Its still Monday.

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