Executive clemency at the federal level

I commend for your consideration the following post that appeared yesterday in Doug Berman’s SL&P entitled Is Prez Obama likely to grant clemency to “hundreds, perhaps thousands” of imprisoned drug offenders? In a subsequent post or two, I will write about (1) my one utterly depressing experience with DOJ and the commutation process and (2) why this recent push strikes me as cynical ploy to burnish the reputations of a “lame duck” AG and his President.




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  1. Shadows do not echo Judge.

    The living attempt to take care of that business… [sometimes]

    Death is natural.

    I am not of your guild and the memorial from the bench for your esteemed peer, was heartfelt and with sincerity that at times transcended political.

    Life is a mythical audience of children who weren’t even there all the while describing just a man/woman they may be. Why they should want to be.

    May I? Enjoy the chemo (Not so much if you crook though). Insist on your life and portal of age. Make the “young” fear the gift and insist they fight, struggle, and laugh.

    How’s that whole thing “ I could be dead soon as this medicine kills the living and trespasser” going?

    Sorry, I am not with all the bubbly. Fuck the light hearted BS.
    Get- a- hold-and fucking hold on!
    You could be dead too soon and jut fucking dead.

    Whatever you do though absolutely insist they put up a portrait of you post 70 and looking like a MAN not some middle aged (for lack of better word) scholarly jerk off.

    OK then Mr. Cancer.

    The Big Bear 1970-2001 had service with lasting impact.

    Such a blessing to see North and South Dakota, Minnesota, Arkansas, Iowa, and Missouri dressed in black.

    Not to mention a range of unrobed judges in the back row.

    The script reading was almost with awe and it keept on coming.
    So much there that cannot be spoken.

    RIP was lacking…I was a little bewildered with all the awe not to hear this man will rest in peace forever NOTHING LEFT TO SAY! (although that was said kind-of)

    Fuck politics may you encourage your peers to transcend their third branch like a stick needed when necessary, when necessary……………………

    May Judge Ross RIP, he is dead and in the grave .

    Be the Third Fucking Branch.

    This fiction will never happen on your watch even with all that loving national security.


    RIP is not nor has every been yielding.

  2. John,

    Love the clip. Reminds me, sorta, of sentencing. Especially, “are you all right?”

    By the way, no portrait of me will ever be hung. I have given strict instructions that I will haunt anyone who even suggests such nonsense.

    All the best.


  3. I would argue for tens if not hundreds of thousands. A generation ago, that liberal icon William F. Buckley admitted that the war on drugs was lost. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gTyucBinXnY It is long past time that we declare the war to be over, and release the enemy prisoners.

    All the judicial resources invested in interdiction and enforcement could be devoted to lawsuits by those who have had “their” government run roughshod over their constitutional rights, and judges like Nancy Gertner will actually need something to do.

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