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  1. That is exactly how my cat sits in sunbeams, predatory-yet-lazy stare included.

  2. Heading to Colorado for a summer internship in a few days; glad to see the welcome committee is getting rested in anticipation.

  3. That there is a big cat which grew up eating meat and listening to trenchant, um, criticism of federal judges from a nearby house. I would not recommend you visiting that area.

  4. TF,

    Oh, my God, you are right. If I look at the photo long enough I am pretty damn sure that thing is looking directly at ME. I knew Ken didn’t care for federal judges, but . . .

    All the best.


  5. Well, there is a theory making the rounds that when we first fell out of the trees and bumped our fannies on the savannah, the reason we survived the next couple hundred thousand years was because we tasted so bad.

    Eric Hines

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