Very important correction

I screwed up. In my post yesterday addressing Scott Greenfield, I attached a photograph that I believed portrayed Scott’s classic sports car. I got the wrong photo.

Since this is a matter of some importance to me (I plan on trying to steal Scott’s car), I have now obtained a photo that correctly depicts the auto. Boy, do I covet that thing. Anyway, sorry for the error.

Here is a correct photo of the classic owned by SHG:

Scott's classic sports car with his son (now at MIT), age 14, behind the wheel.

Scott’s classic sports car with his son (now at MIT), age 14, behind the wheel.

Some things are more important than others.


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  1. Judge:
    I can just imagine your impeachment trial in the U.S. Senate, televised by CNN as “Cargate”:
    CHAIRMAN: “The majority wishes to move in a photograph.”
    MINORITY COUNSEL: “Mr. Chairman, point of personal privilege?”
    CHAIRMAN: “The Chair recognizes monority counsel…”
    MINORITY COUNSEL: “We have it on good belief that this photo is not the photo of
    the classic sports car stolen by Judge Kopf which forms
    the basis of these proceedings.”
    SENATOR BLOVIATOR: “Ugh, Mr. Chairman…”
    CHAIRMAN: “The Chair recognizes Senator Bloviator.”
    SENATOR BLOVIATOR: “Ah, I ask the committee to keep in mind that the real
    question before it, to paraphrase another Senator is
    ‘What did Judge Kopf steal and why did he steal it?'”
    So, I would ask that the record be complete and that
    the correct photograph come in…”
    CHAIRMAN: “The record shall so reflect. The Committee will now call its
    next witness, Mr. Scott Greenfield, Esquire…”

  2. Dear Robert,

    I am not scared. Those idiots couldn’t lay the foundation for a photo if their lives were dependent upon it. Since Greenfield, the victim, is a witness, he could not help them either. Hearing grinds to a halt.

    By the way, you could serve as my counsel constantly repeating that you are not a potted plant. I would sit their frail and wan, gently smiling into the cameras with my chemo ravaged visage evoking outrage by a voting public that is known for discernment.

    Bring it on!

    All the best.


  3. What a car! Perhaps some entrapment would be involved if it is stolen. Also, if the son is now at MIT, what is he driving now – or is he taking the T?

  4. Judge, when they come and read you your Miranda rights, don’t talk to them. They aren’t your friends at that point… although they’ll pretend to be….

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