Bad news and good news

Bad news:

I wrote about being “whipped.” My blood counts yesterday explained why. Not “transfusion” bad, but supposed to wash my hands like Monk.*

Put clinic number on speed dial. I am to call right away if I spike a fever.

Good news:

Judge Z took criminal case off calendar because of a motion.

I’ll still try the civil non-jury case next week. That should be easy ’cause the lawyers are first rate, and unlikely to carry¬†enterobacteria Yersinia pestis (the plague).


*Remember, I have been denied an Article III bathroom.

2 responses

  1. I am travelling and don’t have time to listen to your weak counts. I don’t want anything to go wrong with you, because you are just finding the light. Will yourself more healthy and keep looking more deeply into what you do and what you have done. I pray for you.

  2. Lorin,

    If I remember correctly, you are in Russia. Travel safely. To be honest, I doubt you will find much light there. But, knowing you, you will find something worthwhile.

    All the best.


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