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  1. Judge Kopf–

    Judge Hurwitz’s thesis is wonderful — for judges as well as mere, non-Article-III mortals. In a similar regard, there’s an article scheduled for publication later in the year in the Harvard Law Review that discusses in great detail the SCOTUS’s practice of amending opinions without public notice even years after issuance. It’s good that the justices want to polish their work, but (1) they should be public about it so that folks who read and understood the law as set out in the earlier iteration aren’t mislead and (2) there should be some point at which the opinion is deemed final and immutable.

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  2. It’s too bad I have to rely upon the 8th circuit for lousy rulings around here!

  3. What is more important? Judicial integrity, or maintaining the illusion of integrity?

    I applaud Judge Hurwitz, but if you want people to follow, you have to lead by example. An Amen is not enough.

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