Update –Hospital slows blogging and causes mistrial

Before Monday morning bench trial checked in at clinic.

Short summary:

1. Pet scan showed excellent results on lymphoma.

2. However, Pet scan showed big problem in both longs–direct admit to hospital.

3. Lung problem probably a result of one of the chemos drugs. This is a known risk of using that particular chemo drug.

4 As a long as I can walk absent human help and my blood oxygen level is .90 or above the plan is to go home Sunday.

5. Atter that, figure out modified cancer treatment going forward without offending drug.

6. I won’t be taking any trials for next sixty days at a minimum. Hearing and sentencing I will continue to handle

I will keep you know as I no more. Blogging will be slow.

All the best.


PS TO LAWYERS: My sincere apologies for mistrial of your important trial. As you know, a new judge will be assigned.  Undoubtedly less goofy!

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  1. Saying a prayer for you this morning at shul. Misheberach, it’s called, a prayer for the sick. You don’t have a Jewish name, though. Who were you named after and what was your father’s name.My father’s yarzheit, too. Have to pray for the three kids kidnapped,but that request will be in a different category.

  2. Good news on the PET scan. The lymphoma is the tough nut; the lungs are a relative piece of cake. Just stop doing that drug.

    On the other hand, there are a number of hotshot lawyers down here in Texas who make meals out of running their thumbs down the lists of published side effects of drugs and offering to sue if someone has experienced one of those side effects. Maybe I can hook you up with one of those….

    Ignorant layman question: how are hearings and sentencing different from trials so that you can sit for those but not for trials?

    Three courses down, two to go–because this drug interference doesn’t upset the overall schedule?

    Eric Hines

  3. If I’m not mistaken, it’s because a hearing/sentencing is much shorter, enabling the Judge to take breaks when needed. Shorter issues, shorter periods of required concentration and sitting in the courtroom when considered vis-a-vis trials. A trial requires tremendous mental and physical energy. They also last several days, sometimes weeks, so many breaks would be disruptive to the flow of proceedings. However, it could be something else that I haven’t considered here.

  4. Judge, I hope you’re resting comfortably and will be back to pithy commentary (and your courtroom) very soon. Thinking of you.

  5. Turn it down a notch and feel better soon, Judge. Your health has to take priority. Sending good thoughts your way.

  6. If all goes to hell in a hand basket don’t be a stubborn dumbass. Hospice has an excellent assortment of pain medications in their basket.

    In the meantime summon the stubborn and roll with it.

    Being a rock star isn’t easy Judge. I for one am hoping your willingness to get a little creative and push the artistic limits down the road have just temporarily exhausted some of the pesky physical limitations of the artist in you.

    Godspeed and take care.

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