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  1. Haha. Little Red. That’s what we (still!) called our redhead. What a beauty. ‘GrandMa’, ‘Pwetzew’s’. Our kids used to talk like that, I guess all kids do, for some reason.

    And we have abortion in this country – largely thru the machinations of Machiavellian, evil ‘judges’, and a remarkably stupid, malleable populace as well. We’re criminally insane. Collectively nuts.

  2. So Adorable & Precious, Would Enjoy an Afternoon Tea with Your “Sweet Pea”! She would definitely place a Huge Smile on My Face!! When is she Visiting her Grandma & Grandpa? Promise You, I know How to Keep a Secret!!!

  3. Jennifer,

    Say what you will about China, but the love of children is palpable there, That love is especially evident in the treats.

    All the best.


  4. I was at the Smoky Mountain NP last weekend. Saw an older man with kids and grandkids. His t-shirt said in big letters, “Property of Grandkids.” Kids are what its all about, Judge…..

  5. Tom,

    She calls me “stinky feet Grampa” and I melt. Nobody, and I mean nobody, who knew me BGC (before grandchildren) would have ever imagined. That includes me especially.

    All the best.


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