Professor Bainbridge

The professor has written Judge DummKopf is back at it, and this time it’s personal.*

1. I urge those who read this blog to read what the professor wrote. Then I urge readers of this blog to forget him. I have no further interest in Bainbridge or what he writes. I encourage readers to ignore him too.

2. EXCEPT: The professor claims: “And I have the same advice for the judge’s left-liberal groupies who have been trolling my email and twitter feed.” If you are one of my “left-liberal groupies” and you are guilty of”trolling” him please stop. I mean that sincerely.


*Note to Professor: Calling me a religious bigot with absolutely no evidence to support the claim is “personal.” I couldn’t care less what else you wrote.



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  1. All you need to know about the professor can be discovered by examining his blog. He does not allow comments, it seems. That means he is more interested in a lecture than a discussion. Adults are not compelled to endure lectures, so ignoring him is the correct response to his attitude. I am glad you have elected to ignore *him* while continuing to engage in discussion with others. Selfishly, I am glad his uncharitable behavior has not deprived us of your perspective, which I believe to be invaluable even, perhaps especially, where we disagree. The professor’s perspective is not nearly so valuable (even in his research areas, which touch on my work). Thank you for you thing it out, in all things! I appreciate your participation, all the more in the face of opposition!

  2. I deeply regret I cannot follow your advice without a court order. I get way too much laughter from reading out-of-touch- law professors to give this up.

  3. I stopped listening to law professors sometime during the first month of law school. That was a lot of real-world whiskey ago.

  4. Mark,

    Yes, but you are also intellectually honest. Therefore, you must admit that a little goes a long way.

    All the best.


  5. Left liberal groupies? Man, does Bainbridge do any homework before he posts stuff? I wonder how he would react to such an unprepared student? Probably tell him to STFU.

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  7. A minor quibble. Real whisky does not have an “e” in it, for example Scotch whisky. One may compare unreal or inferior whiskeys, such as the various bourbons, which do use the “e.”

    I also find discussion over whisky much more important than the postings of the legal academia, especially as to what you should or should not post about. Keep doing exactly what you are doing.

  8. We have a saying down here: being an asshole is an equal-opportunity profession. Thanks for taking the high road on his bullshit.


  9. As luck would have it, I returned moments ago from one of my regular forays through the interior of the Sunshine State. It was not to the South of the lake, where the long grass grows in the shallow water, but to the North, which is covered in farm land. Like just about every state, Florida is mostly farmland. Except for the palm trees, it’s like driving through Nebraska–cow, cow, corn, corn, wild boar on the road.

    As for the ex-cop, a nice client dropped off a bottle of Bushmills 21 year old single malt Irish whiskey. After the long drive back to my office, I can attest that it is not inferior.

  10. I find it hilarious that the professor accuses you of getting “personal” for telling him to grow up, and then proceeds to make fun of your name, call you an idiot and a bigot, and then imply that you are mentally incompetent. Clearly, his learned arguments have convinced everyone that he is right.

    I guess that hiding under the esteemed professor’s 350 lb. frame is a teenage imbecile.

  11. John A.,

    This is what I look like today:


    I look like a very bald, hairless creature from some scary movie. So, let’s lay of the weight jokes.

    All the best.


  12. Ah, but we excuse the Irish, because we know they were drunk when they designed the label.

    Bushmills 21 is very good, although I’m not partial to Irish, it’s OK for a change now and again.

    In any event, I raise my glass to you.

  13. I didn’t take your advice, Judge. I went further and looked at the professor’s bio (at least as presented on his blog). He’s a “distinguished professor” at UCLA law. Distinguished by what? I could answer, but I’d have to use the kind of language that has got you taken to task. I will say this, though: He certainly does not distinguish the reputation of UCLA.

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