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  1. It really is. Having to learn legal skills without going to law school has done me good in many ways, so why wouldn’t law school be useful to non-lawyers? I had not considered this.

  2. That was deeply inspiring. I now believe in unicorns and rainbows. Please excuse me while I rush off to Youtube to watch some cute kitten videos so I can open up shop as a cat brain surgeon tomorrow, regretting all the time wasted gaining 30 years’ experience in the trenches.

  3. Good insight. Yes, law professors have something to teach nonlawyers. But I’m curious. How much is the advice gonna cost and what will degree will it go towards? Law professors need to convince other professors that students in other fields need some legal training for this to work.

  4. Young doctors are supervised at teaching hospitals. Law schools are not the equivalent of teaching hospitals. I suppose the difference is that youg lawyers cannot kill their clients and young doctors can kill their patients.

  5. Judge:
    Will law schools adapt in a world of dwindling applicants and scant quality legal jobs after charging high tuition for the “privilege” of having this experience? They had better. I believe that we are witnessing a sea change in the legal landscape. While no one knows for sure what lay ahead, one thing is for certain: “business as usual” among American law schools just won’t cut it anymore. As an aside, like Mr. Borchers, yours truly has also had extensive experience as an advisor to a New York high school that competes in the statewide Mock Trial Tournament. This is something that I heartily recommend to any legal professional for the sheer pleasure of the experience.

  6. John,
    Unfortunately, I mean more mundane matters. That real estate closing deal that the new lawyer signed off on without actually doing a title search, the failure to file a crippling personal injury claim within the statute of limitations, a lawyer telling a client to plead guilty to a PWID charge to lighten his case-load, even if the evidence was actually pretty lousy…

    Sadly, that couple that hired the lawyer discover that the person selling them the house did not own the deed. Their house is ripped out from under them, turning them out onto the streets. That person with a crippling personal injury claim has crippling burns from a chemical fire in a factory plant. They cannot work and will barely be able to survive off of social disability for the rest of their lives, and will be in constant torment. That client that pled guilty to PWID, a homeless man with no charges on his record, who just happened to get paid $5 to take a package down the street, will get picked up by police within two months on trumped up charges and placed in jail for years because they think he’s a drug dealer.

    New lawyers can do real damage to people’s lives. I take my responsibility to my clients extremely seriously because of this.

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