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With a tip of the hat to Adam for his research (and, yes, Adam, now get back to billable hours), here is more about Baby Jason:

[I]n googling more about the murder you mentioned, I came across an article from New York Magazine about the investigator on the case and its effect on him. See  http://nymag.com/nymetro/news/people/features/11476/index2.html
Westlaw shows a total of 7 orders at various stages of the case. He was ultimately convicted and received sentence of 26 years 2 months to life. He has parole hearing in August 2016 and an earliest release date of December 2016.  See  http://nysdoccslookup.doccs.ny.gov/GCA00P00/WIQ3/WINQ130
I just can’t get enough!

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  1. I thought I should post this from the official website of “Earl and Them”, a band that features a fellow from Lincoln who was formerly the lead guitar of “Baby Jason and the Spankers”. I saw Baby Jason a couple times at the Blues Festival in Arnold, NE. So, there is another Nebraska “Baby Jason” of better reputation. 🙂

    “Jason Davis, guitarist and vocalist, has made his home in Northwest Arkansas over the past ten years or so, hailing from the Lincoln, Nebraska, area where he cut his teeth in the Midwest blues scene. He toured 10 years with his trio, “Baby Jason and the Spankers”. During that period, they played some of the top blues venues in the country, including Buddy Guy’s Legends, Antones, the Grand Emporium, the Zoo Bar, and Blue on Grand.

    Upon arriving in Arkansas Jason played with the esteemed Arkansas Tablerockers for seven years before joining up to help create “Earl and Them”. Over the years he has had the honor to play with the likes of Magic Slim, Sue Foley, James Harmans, Jimmy Thackery, Tab Benoit, and Indigenous. To date one of his highest personal achievements has been to play the South Loup River Blues Festival in Nebraska for seventeen consecutive years.”

  2. Judge:
    A couple of things that you can put in the “Six Degrees of Separation” file. First, this tragic murder took place in Maspeth, Queens. Growing up my aunt and uncle lived in Maspeth and my family and I would visit them on a regular basis. I recall their neighborhood back then as being a quiet, ethnic (read: Irish and Italian) bedroom community that was not far from the bright lights of Manhattan but, metaphorically, might just as well have been on another planet. Second, the detective on this case subsequently gained fame as the guy who helped to get a reversal of the conviction of Martin Tankleff, a highly publicized murder case on Long Island going back to the early 1980s. I’m glad to see he overcame getting burnt out from cases such as this child’s murder. Finally, I blanched when I first read that the defendant could be paroled as early as 2016. But, on reflection, I believe that this guy’s parole officer hasn’t been born yet (or at least that’s what I hope).

  3. Marv,

    Thank you for the info., on “Baby Jason and the Spankers.” I see your sense of humor has not depreciated over time.

    All the best.


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