PACER and CM/ECF update

I don’t pimp commercial products, although the more traditional form of pimping has sometimes appealed to me. The Code of Professional Responsibility prohibits me from lending my “prestige” to the commercial endeavors of others, and this post is in strict conformity with that stricture.

BUT, given my prior post on the problems with PACER and CM/ECF (here), I would be remiss if I failed to mention to federal practitioners that there is a new commercial service that might enhance our government systems. On September 2, 2014, the ABA prominently described “PacerPro.”  See Stephanie Francis Ward, Legal Rebels Profile, Gavin McGrane hopes to set the pace for documents with PacerPro, ABA ( Sep 2, 2014 8:45 AM).  That article followed an insightful analysis of the service by Robert Ambrogi a Rockport, Mass., lawyer and writer. He covers technology at his blog LawSites and co-hosts the legal affairs podcast Lawyer2Lawyer. See Robert Ambrogi, Service offers a better way to search federal court records than PACER (ABA Journal March 2014).

As I say, this is not an endorsement.  It is, however, a word to the wise.


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  1. Judge
    For the time being put Pacer on the back burner a minute .
    Beautiful grand baby Zora!
    Hope you are feeling well !
    Be well,

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  2. Thank you for the tip about PacerPro! Just signed up for a free account and will give it a whirl. Looks like it could be very useful.

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